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Hello folks!  Here’s a peek at what to expect between now and January 2nd 2013.  Forecast area Kent, Sussex, London and Surrey

Kaddy Lee-PrestonLONDON

A screen shot of me delivering the bad news on BBC London last night – cue ‘Sorry’ face!

Saturday:  For most the wind will have been the most noticeable feature so far.  However, the rain spreading in from the west throughout the day will have some heavy downpours within it and lead to more flooding in places.  The worst of the rain will be out of our region, but for us the heaviest amount will be 4-8mm in total for West Sussex and parts of Surrey and London.  East Sussex, East London and most of Kent will tend to have less than 2-4mm – in fact East Kent possibly under 2mm in total today.  Most places should be dry by 6pm though – turning drier from the west from as early as 4pm.  Very windy all day, with gusts up to 40mph inland, but 45-50mph along the south coast.  Mean wind speeds of 20-30mph.  Southwesterly though so at least it’s mild again – though not quite as mild as Friday.  Up to 10/11C (50-52F).  Friday was 12C.  Average should be 8C at this time of year.

Overnight: Staying dry for most, although there will continue to be some showers popping up occasionally on the South coast, blown in on the strong winds. No let up in the wind strength either.  At least it’ll remain frost free!

Sunday: Our best bet of a little break in the rain. Sunny spells and staying dry until later in the day.  Still very windy though, 20-30mph westerly, and it’ll feel quite a bit colder too, despite the sunshine, only up to 7C/45F.   But DRY!


A westerly wind means we should be sheltered from many of the showers so should stay dry with sunny spells until evening. Notice the tight isobars though – it’ll be very windy.

Monday (daytime):  It could start dry, but rain and very strong winds will be the general gunky theme of Monday.

New Year’s Eve:  At the moment it looks like a wash out, and a windy wash out at that!  Not very pleasant at all – watch the fireworks on the telly is my advice at the moment.  On the plus side the rain brings the mild air back so it won’t be desperately cold.  If I had to say who will escape the worst of the wet weather I would say East Kent – so less bad if you’re around Canterbury, Whitstable, Thanet, Sandwich and Folkestone or Dover – though of course no one will escape the incredibly strong winds. SW’ly 20-30mph, gusting up to 40-50mph.

New Year’s Day:  Although not perfect, the 1st January will be much better than previous days! A chilly northwesterly wind will make it feel quite cool.  Winds not as strong as previous days though, and although there could be some showers, there’ll be some nice dry sunny spells inbetween – perfect for a first day of the new year stroll!

Have a wonderful time whatever you’re doing, and all the best for 2013! x x

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  1. great to see you presenting the weather on BBC London news channel. When are we going to see you again? You make the worst weather seem bright.

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