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Fusion Forecast

Update 1402 Friday : If you’re a keen weather watcher like myself, you cannot have failed to notice that the weekend forecast looks a little sketchy, tetchy and wetski.  Whilst we’ve had pretty much 3 weeks straight of temps in the mid to high 20’s and rocking sunshine, we now may be in for thundery showers – not unlike those we saw at the end of the weekend.  The latest charts suggest it starting off dry but rain spreading up after midday, light at first but rapidly turning thunderous, lightning-ous (not a met term) and with rainfall amounts of an inch or more in just a few hours.  I’m on BBC South East Today today so will be able to give you all an update at 1830 and 2230…but for now, stay tuned and I’ll let you know as soon as I notice any positive news on the precipitation front.  But hey, it’s England, it’s summer, and we love them both for their little wobbles!

Ps. I am still on a royal baby high…anyone else?

Fusion details here:

Royal Tunbridge Wells might not seem the usual place to let it’s hair down, put up a stage and let loud music rock through the town, but this time it is!  I’m truly excited to be involved with the event – and there are some amazing acts coming to town.  So put Saturday 27th July in your diary, head to town and sit back and enjoy the music, stalls and other events taking place that day.  It’s time for RTW to Street Party!


TOPLOADER are an alternative rock band from Eastbourne with over two million album sales to their name and a string of top 20 hits both home and abroad. Their debut album sold over one million units and remained in the Top 5 of the UK Albums Chart for over six months. However, they are recognised most of all for their cover of the song Dancing in the Moonlight, which became a global hit for the band. Their second album reached number 3 in the UK Albums Chart.

In 2013, Toploader released a new single Turn It Around which features on the band’s third studio album Only Human which was reviewed by Mojo as “Their best album yet!”

As part of their tour commitments for 2013 it was recently announced that they would be headlining Fusion 2013 on 27 July and Joe from Toploader said “The band are all super excited about playing in Tunbridge Wells. We’re local lads and don’t get enough chances to play in the South East”.


VIRGIN SOLDIERS is a band based in Tunbridge Wells that blends contemporary acoustic rock with a fully fledged strings section.

In 2012 the band supported Keane, Joan Armatrading and McFly and their debut single Moon Song reached No. 3 in the Amazon Rock Chart.


SNOWDOWN COLLIERY BAND was formed in 1926 and consisted entirely of miners from the colliery. There are currently approximately 30 members, of which a few are ex-miners or whose fathers were miners and also played in the band.

The band has its roots in the days when East Kent possessed three major working collieries. The collieries no longer exist but the bands, Snowdown Colliery Band and Betteshanger Band, continue as they always did.

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Grand Designs with Kaddy McCloud

Thank you to everyone who got involved with Shack Attack in Tunbridge Wells last weekend.  It was a storming success (weather pun intended!  The storm clouds stayed away and we had beautiful weather throughout) and everyone had a jolly good time making their shelters in the sunshine and then testing them out overnight in the park.

If I hand him a tool it’ll look like I know what I’m doing…


Teams of brave volunteers set about making their shelters for the charity Habitat for Humanity.   By raising money for the charity and by taking part they were helping raise awareness of the millions of people who currently live in inadequate housing.

Although everyone was having fun there was a serious message from Shack Attack too


Habitat for Humanity have already helped 2.5 million people around the world to live in safe, secure and hygienic housing and with the money raised from events like Shack Attack they can continue to train, educate and provide the necessary tools for more people stuck in the poverty housing trap.


Everyone raised a minimum of £400 for each shack

Although people were only allowed to use recycled materials brought from their gardens, sheds or local tip everyone managed to create wonderful masterpieces – with a prize being given to the most weatherproof, chosen by me.  (I was going to test it with a bucket of water but the organisers said that was a little mean…pah!)


The winners of the most weatherproof shelter – Congratulations!

Everyone slept in their shelters overnight to experience just a portion of what some people around the world have to cope with every day, every night.


I’m not staying here if one of you snores…

Thank you to Habitat for Humanity for putting on such a fun event and if you’d like to join in next year please go to their website for all the details on how to get involved.

Helping to build various shelters in Calverley Grounds


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