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Hail storm alert!

Day 2 saw a leisurely start and then heading off in the direction of some developing multicell storms to the north. We sat, we waited, we watched…and then instead of a tornado we were pelted by hail!

Join in the chaos below as the day unfolds!

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Tornado or waterspout?


Well, actually neither!   This is a funnel cloud which is trying to gain the strength to become a waterspout – and what a sight that would’ve been!  Andy Holloway was driving in Peacehaven and at 09:58 (22/6/11)  when he spotted a strange dark cylinder protuding from the base of a deep layer of stratocumulus.   Being a savvy spotter he whipped out his camera and caught it red handed (and knowing how quickly these things develop he did well to catch it in time).  The strange phenomenon continued to take form and moved out to sea – it’s at this point it could no longer become a tornado as they only form over land.   For either a tornado or a waterspout to happen the funnel cloud has to touch down with the land or sea respectively.  Although the funnel cloud didn’t ever stretch more than say 50ft (as a guesstimate) if you look very closely you can see that the surface of the water below is already becoming ruffled by the swirling column of air above it…gives you an insight into how powerful it could’ve been were it to have hit the jackpot and become a fully fledged waterspout!

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