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Storm chasing video

Ever wondered what it would be like to go storm chasing across Tornado Alley?  Well, I signed up with the UK’s only storm chasing company ‘Netweather’ and ventured across the Atlantic in search of these mesmerising, yet ferocious storms.  As a meteorologist I love studying the formation and development of clouds, from the cute fluffy ones (cumulus) to the voluptuous mammatus clouds.  I had never seen a tornado before and had no idea if I would be fascinated, frightened or both.  Here’s the first installment of my adventure…


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Hail storm alert!

Day 2 saw a leisurely start and then heading off in the direction of some developing multicell storms to the north. We sat, we waited, we watched…and then instead of a tornado we were pelted by hail!

Join in the chaos below as the day unfolds!

To find out more or book yourself in to the last few remaining storm chase places for next year click TORNADO

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