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Top Gear track day fun for charity

My goodness gracious! Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, Caterhams and many more. I admit I’d never been a Fezza fan (yep, that’s my new affectionate name for a Ferrari…) as they were always a bit show offy…but get strapped up in one of those bad boys and you never go back to yer mini Metro! Crikey, I’ve even lost the ability to speak like a BBC broadcasting adult!



Anyway, back on earth, the reason for Joe Public to be allowed to take a ride in any of these stunning cars is all for charity.  The Children’s Trust organise this Supercar Event each year where any punter can turn up and pay £25 to be driven around the famous Top Gear race track.  The drivers donate their time, their cars, and ultimately their tyres/gear boxes/brakes in order to drive like The Stig, whilst their paying ‘victims’ scream in joy and terror!  I’ll admit I was a quivering wreck for much of the day, but in a good way, mostly.



And to top it all off we had the delightful Craig Phillips (our DIY expert and first ever Big Brother winner) MC’ing the event and giving everyone a good giggle with his delightfully cheeky Liverpudlian accent and actor Scott Wright (Coronation Street and Hollyoaks). Thanks boys – you did a fab job!


6000 people had an awesome weekend and thousands of pounds was raised for one of my favourite charities.  Thank you to the 150 volunteers who kept everything running safely and scolded naughty drivers who went too fast!  By the way I recently donated over 100 outfits/shoes/suits to The Children’s Trust shop in Tunbridge Wells (address here) so if you want to pick yourself up an outfit that you’ll have seen me in on SE Today or Inside Out, or a pair of my shoes, then pop along!  Every penny goes to the charity, and my wardrobes are, finally, moderately less full!


Thanks to Andy Newbold for all the great shots.

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Fashion funny and making money!


I am a charity shop bargain-hunting demon – and thought I knew every charity shop in town.  Turns out I was very mistaken.  Kathryn, who runs “The Children’s Trust, Tadworth” shop in Tunbridge Wells emailed me to ask if I would like to get involved with promoting the shop.  I popped in to see her and within minutes was suckered in by her charm and agreeing to attend her fashion show.

A few weeks later I arrive at said fashion event…to find out I’m the only model!  However, on relection this was a rather jammy advantage – all those wonderful clothes to myself – and all that flouncing around the ‘catwalk’ on my own.  They can take the performance away from the gal but they can’t take the performer out of the gal – or something like that.  As you can see from the pics, I wasn’t exactly camera shy!


Also for the first time in the history of my time at the BBC I had someone to do my hair (in fact two delightful ladies – Sarah Horton and Cara Evans from Graham Webb hairdressers – thank you!)

Photos courtesy of www.keithwalter.co.uk




All in all it was a wonderful do for a fantastic charity.  Please pop by and have a browse, you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find. (Plus I am about to donate a load of my on air clothes – so you might pick up something that you recognise from the box!).  Thanks to all the volunteers at the shop, and also the lovely Kathryn for getting me involved in the first place.   The Children’s Trust, Tadworth is a fantastic charity and rest assured every penny goes to achieving wonderful things for children with multiple disabilities. .

Next stop I will be at the celebrity fishing day at Roger Daltery’s estate – if you want to join in then you can buy tickets at http://www.thechildrenstrust.org.uk/ – no fishing experience necessary!  (I can’t even catch tadpoles so I’ll be floundering…Ho ho).  And if fish don’t float your boat (Michael Fish aside of course!) then how about zippy nippy cars?   The supercar driving challenge at Dunsfold Park, 23/24th June will be a petrol head paradise- gives me chills n’ thrills just thinking about it!  I shall be there on the Sunday driving a Caterham 7 (the hair will need Shwarzenegger strength hairspray) so please do come up and say hello!


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