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Fashion Show Pictures

Here are a few shots from the Fashion Show I did at Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre a few weeks ago.

Plenty of words of encouragement for all our wonderful volunteer models


I wasn’t modelling, but instead was presenting on stage, introducing all the models, explaining the outfits and talking about the current autumnal trends that are in our high street.


Models were all volunteers and got to keep their clothes


The models worked (walked!) tirelessly and performed fantastically well, strutting and posing on the catwalk for 6 hours! Hats off to them all! They were all volunteers from the shopping centre, or the local area and it was brilliant fun! Thank you to everyone involved, and to Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre for putting on such a fun event.


We ran through the entire fashion show on the hour every hour, 6 times throughout the day. Exhausting but brilliant fun! By the end of it you couldn’t get the models off the catwalk!

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Jessica Ennis here I come

September is the month of fashion and fitness for me.  I have not one but two fashion shows coming up (details at the end of this post) and need to be feeling tip top in order to shake my toosh on those runways!  Fortunately 4 months ago I was approached by personal trainer, Mirka Harper, who after measuring, prodding and fitness testing me declared that I had 6% more body fat than I should do for my frame.

Listening intently with our big balls

So, 2 days a week Mirka comes round to my house, puts some cracking thumping tunes on and we work every muscle in my body.  The first 30 mins is hell, I’ll grant you that, but we giggle, we scream and more importantly she gets results!  My arms are already more toned, my legs look so much better and I have more energy (I know people say that, but it is true.  After my sessions I have enough energy to visit at least 4 pubs on a pub crawl, instead of my usual 2) 😉

My big pink ball rolled into the lake. But it didn’t stop the relentless exercise regime.

As you know I left the BBC a few months ago and this has really focused me mentally as well as physically.  Next female PM here I come.

(Private Meteorologist.  What else did you think I meant?)

Tanning whilst toning…perfect!

And if you are keen to see what Mirka can do for you, then all you have to do is have a fitness test and she can assess what areas of your body you can improve on, and then kappow! Give it a few sessions and you’ll already be wiggling your wiggle more than normal and fitting into your skinny jeans again.  That means more clothes shopping ladies…

It ain’t pretty but it works


Finally, if you do want to come and see the results then please come along to the Love Is Boutique Fashion show at High Rocks in Tunbridge Wells on 27th September.  Tickets are £10 and all the money goes to charity.  It’s going to be an excellent night hosted by Charlie O’Brien from Heart FM.  Please come along, share a glass of vino with me, cheer me on in my designer sequinned leggings, swanky Whistles leather jacket, and stunning Temperley dress!  Love Is Boutique have supplied the clothes and as they’re all pre-loved you can snap all these designer and high street brands for a fraction of their usual price.  What’s not to love about Love Is?

The other Fashion event I am at is on Saturday 29th September at the Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre, 11am-4pm.  Details of the event here and the good news is we are still looking for people to star in the show!  I shall be modelling clothes and getting unsuspecting members of the crowd involved!  The event is free and will be great fun for families, shoppers and show offs!

The last fashion show I was involved with was at Hyundai in Tunbridge Wells.  Students from K College had to design clothes and accessories inspired by Hyundai’s new Veloster (check out it’s original and quirky door configuration – I love it!)  The winning dress was designed by Aniqah Cassem and she kindly let me have it after the show!  The event also raised money for Demelza House – so well done everyone!

And really finally…

Can anyone actually do ‘The Plank’?



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