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Fit or flabby?


As anyone who’s ever attempted to do a physical and mental challenge before will know, time suddenly starts flying. It’s only 3 months to go now until my charity Kili challenge and I have to say if anything my fitness levels are waning, not gaining. 2 weeks away in the States storm chasing was exhilarating for my adrenalin but not for my muscles, followed by 2 weeks doing weather for BBC South East with no time for exercise…and now it’s suddenly June!


Chasing bad weather across Tornado Alley in May

However, I did manage the Three Forts Half Marathon near Worthing just before I left in May, undertaking it as a power hike rather than a run, and I’m signed up for another Half Marathon next month…so progress is, well, progressing. I also have a new car…a distraction that is probably not a great idea as driving is in no way part of the punishing training regime that I should be on.


My fab new Santa Fe

But I’m still smiling, still fundraising like mad (currently up to about £1,800 on justgiving, with a further £2,500 for the charity coming my way from corporate sponsorship) which is great as that’s what I’m doing this for. Raising money for charity, and getting fit (slight grimace) in the process.

If you’d like to help me with my target I would be delighted if you wished to donate – every penny will be appreciated by both me and the charity. And by way of thanks I’ll even write to you personally and send you a signed piccy! (just leave me your address on my ‘contact’ page).


A lady orchid, named because each flower looks like a pretty little lady in a white frilly dress and red bonnet! Adorable!

Thank you, and watch out for Kaddy’s Kili updates coming soon in the Courier newspaper…I suspect there’ll be new training techniques, camping adventures and photographs showing the fear in my eyes!

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Me, Dame Kelly Holmes and Bagpuss

The weather was rubbish but what an amazingly successful day!  The Tonbridge Half Marathon kicked off on Sunday 23rd September with Dame Kelly Holmes welcoming all the runners and sounding the horn at 10am.  (Mind you, she did also make a point of blaming me for the weather, but I shall forgive her because under that slight frame she’s much much tougher than me!)

Dame Kelly Holmes and I just before the start

As the runners lined up Kelly gave out last minute advice to people, wishing them luck and joking “I would join you if I could…but I’m busy!”

Kelly wishing the runners luck and counting them down to start the 13.1 miles

1300 runners took part, raising money for many local and national charities and braving the, quite frankly, vile weather.  The rain got heavier as the morning went on, but no one seemed to mind too much.

Congratulations to the 1300 runners who took part

The runners were raising money for over 50 different charities and I wouldn’t be surprised if the total raised is well over £50k.  The organisers also expect to raise in excess of £12k for the race charities.

Probably the only runner who didn’t catch a chill! Bagpuss running for Hospice of Hope, a charity I have worked with before and am very proud of the work they do.

I helped tend to the Hyundai cake stall, selling cupcakes, lemon drizzle cake (how apt) and victoria sponge, to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Care.  Hyundai had sponsored the event and thanks to them for putting on such a well organised and smooth running day. (no pun intended!)

In a break from selling cakes I spotted a wonderful umbrella. One for Dragon’s Den?

Thanks to all the wonderful people who made this possible: Tonbridge Rotary Club and Tonbridge Lions,  with assistance from Tonbridge Athletic Club.  You were always smiling and helpful, despite the appalling weather that Michael Fish had arranged for us.  Nothing to do with me whatsoever 😉

For those that wish to do the event next year, the site will go live on 1st January 2013 – www.tonbridgehalfmarathon.co.uk.



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