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Kaddy goes Hearty Arty

Yep, not Arty Farty, I’ve gone Hearty Arty.  My heart going a-flutter at paintings and art.  Never thought it would happen, but after attending my first South East Open Studios (the free wine got me interested, and now I’m hooked!) (on art…not wine) I met local artist Libbi Gooch and want to share her and her work with you all because local artists don’t often get the recognition they deserve, and are normally too shy to seek it themselves.

Summer Riot 80x80cm

Summer Riot


How long have you been painting for Libbi?

Well, I have been interested from a young age and dabbled, but have only really been painting seriously for about six years.

How did you learn to paint like this?
A lot of people have asked me this, and the answer to this question is a lot of experimentation. There has been many a canvas that has been painted over several times. When I look at my work I can see various stages in my development as an artist.


Now, as a meteorologist, I can’t help noticing that most of your paintings seem to be weather related – of which I heartily approve – but is this intentional?  Are you a closet weather watcher?

I think most of Great Britain are closet weather watchers –myself included. I don’t know whether my work is intentionally weather related, but my paintings are definitely about light, atmosphere and trying to capture a moment.

From the Winch Hous#14D907A

From the Winch House

What’s the best thing about being an artist?
That’s a good question! For me it’s just what I have always wanted to do, it’s just taken me a while to get here.

 And the worst?

Sometimes I go through periods of manic painting, which can then contrast with droughts. A little like writers block. I can find it hard to balance the two.


Libbi in her studio

Do people need to be minted to invest in art?

No not really, for example at the moment I am taking part in the South East Open Studios along with various other artists with a range of prices. My paintings range from £45 to £1950.


Finally, how can people come and see your paintings?

Well, you can currently find me doing the South East Open Studios, along with sculpture Gill Brown, at 37 Hither Chantlers, Langton Green, Tunbridge Wells TN2 0BL. Open from 10 till 5, Friday to Sunday on the 21st-23rd June.

I currently have work at the Redleaf Gallery in Tunbridge Wells, The Pinkfoot Gallery in Norfolk, The Geedon Gallery in Colchester and Quiddity Fine Art in Surrey. Also, for the last five years I have exhibited at the London Affordable Art Fair, as well as the Discerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries earlier this year.

It is also possible to view some of my work and contact me via my website http://www.libbigooch.co.uk/

Bridle Path 50x50cm

Bridle Path

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Behind the scenes at BBC London




Had my first ever weather shifts at BBC London in between Christmas and New Year and it was great fun being in a new region and seeing how things were done differently.  I thought it was high time I shared the experience with you all!


The studios are located in the stunning Broadcasting House, situated just off Oxford Street – a rather dangerous shopping temptation during lunch breaks!   Fortunately I was too busy forecasting the weather and getting to grips with a new region to have time to pop out – plus my ‘lunch’ break was actually at 730pm due to the shift not starting until 3pm – so I think most of the shops will have been shut.  Phew…


BBC London

Bright pink to distract from the grey skies of the forecast!


If you hang around for long enough you’re bound to spot your favourite newsreaders, reporters and television stars.  Radio One have just moved into the building too, and there are hundreds of radio and television programmes made here daily – it was a hugely exciting environment to work in.

BBC London office

Open plan office.

The office was much quieter than usual because of the time of year. Usually frantic with breaking news, tight deadlines and last minute schedule changes, it had a pleasantly serene air to it.

Kaddy Lee-Preston BBC LONDON

Day two – still saying sorry about the dire weather

The BBC London studio will soon be moved elsewhere, and the one you see here will be transformed into the new One Show studio.



And of course before getting into the studio one has to make oneself look presentable.  Cue make up professionals, hair stylists and Gok Wan wardrobe afficionadoes…?  Not on your nelly!  All make up, hair and styling is done by our own bare hands!

BBC London dressing room

The dressing room at BBC London was a typical television dressing area – never quite the glamour you envisaged.

And controlling the entire show, the director, producer, sound and light engineers would be based in the gallery – flicking switches, monitoring various outputs and giving counts to us presenters.  As I’ve always been on the studio side of the operation, I have no idea what it’s like in the gallery during the bulletin – but I sure do love all the lights and buttons in there!



BBC London radio is also broadcast from here – and the studios were pretty smart.  Paul Ross and Penny Smith are two of the presenters, as well as Vanessa Feltz, but alas they weren’t there when I was on shift, otherwise I would have definitely got you some pics of them!


Radio studio

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