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Husky Riding in the SE

I still can’t quite believe it either, but yes, it really is true.  A team of huskies is waiting for you to join them on an amazing adventure right here in Kent.  To find out more you only need to turn the pages of your latest Index magazine (December issue) or have a gander online – just click on the images below.


Just click on either image and you’ll get the full furry story!


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Heatwave alert?


FINAL UPDATE:  Well…we have High Pressure but the weather isn’t as hot as I was hoping…the high pressure is in a different place which means we’re pulling in a different type of airmass over us.  It’s just to the west of us so it generates a cool northerly flow over the top of the high pressure, instead of that sultry heat from the Sahara we had a few weeks ago.  (My car is still covered in the Saharan dust, and house windows are too!)  At least we do have the dry and sunny weather, but our winds are northerly, not hot southerly, so alas it’s several degrees lower than I had hoped.  Do you all forgive me?!  Still I’d rather have a go at the longer range stuff because it’s hard to get it exactly right, but when you do it’s great!  All is not lost either, we should still have some fairly settled weather here in the South East for a week – MOSTLY dry (watch out for some cloud and patchy rain tomorrow morning though!) with some sunny spells and temps in the low 20’s.  So I haven’t made that much of a boo boo really!

When shall I start predicting a white christmas…?  Now that’s the next bit question!  And try your hand at my latest poll…When will we see the first snow in the South East? (Go to my home page and it’s on the right hand side…down the page a bit.  Good luck!)

The End x


Previous updates from Saturday 25th August:  Heatwave still on the cards but it may be a short lived affair – possibly just a week.  But quite frankly I’ll happily grab that with both hands thank you very much!

Just had a little sniffter at the medium range charts and thought I should share the good news with you.  Now, with the caveat that the weather monkey in the sky likes to keep us meteorologists on our toes and changes it’s mind a lot…there actually could be another heatwave building as of next Friday 31st August.  I have looked at the Met Office charts, as well as the American ones and we should see heat and sunshine increasing as of next weekend.  As a heat and sun junky myself I am particularly beaming about this!  The reason is that High Pressure may push in across Southern Britain and bring with it something called he ‘564’ line. (** see new text below picture) This basically indicates a much warmer airmass over us, and should boost temperatures by about 3 or 4C, but up to 7 or 8C in any sunshine – which I hope we get.

What this means my fellow forecast followers is that as of September 1st (a weekend no less) we could be once again basking in 28C and sunshine. Bring it on baby!

Until then, have a cracking few days and fingers crossed these pesky predictions come off!

Kaddy x

What I did last time we had a heatwave – Fishing!

** Rupert Hamblin emailed to ask what this was.  Well, the ‘564’ line is quite a complex beast but it basically refers to the ‘thickness’ of the atmosphere (the depth of it).  Warmer air has a greater thickness than cooler air (due to expansion) and therefore a forecast indicating that air of a greater ‘thickness’ is on the way, suggests warmer air on the way too.  In winter forecasters look out for the reverse – the 528 line.  When we have the 528 line over us we start getting twitchy about snow in the forecast!  And hopefully that’s a long way off yet…

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