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After months and months of rain we can now prepare for a few days of settled weather. I’m not talking a heatwave,but it’s certainly going to feel like spring!  So, if you’ve got outdoor jobs that you have been itching to get stuck into, or just want a chance of a few non muddy soggy days then here’s how this week is shaping up:

Tues – Friday: Lighter winds, dry weather, sunny spells (best in the SE) – I am very much looking forward to it.  Temperatures a hot rockin’ 13C/55F! That’s FOUR days in a row of decent delectable weather…Yum yum!  It will still cloud over at times, so it won’t be wall to wall yellow globe but it’ll still feel good with the light winds and mild air.

Next weekend: Initially I thought we may be pestered by a weakening weather front from the north, but that risk looks averted- so it should be a dry, if somewhat cloudy, weekend.  Best for sunshine will be Sunday.

Oh, and a heads up my next Channel 4 documentary ‘The Floods That Foiled New Year’ is on Thursday 6th March, at 9pm.  I go up in a helicopter again to survey the floods across Southern Britain.  I’ll explain the hard science behind why this winter has been so wet and offer a few new theories about our changing climate.

Also, I shall be on the BBC on Thursday 13th March and Friday 21st March at 1830 and 2225, presenting the weather bulletins for BBC South East Today and BBC Radio Kent.  See you there!

IMG00864-20120411-1505 (640x480)

Bring on the sunshine!

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