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(Snow actuals at bottom)

Hello everyone!  It’s pretty much snowing right across the whole of the SE and it will do for much of the day – so here’s the low down!


Jennie’s snowman ‘Ed’ – she says he’s only 6 inches tall, but that ‘size isn’t important’ x Thank you Jennie!

Rest of today:  Kent*/Sussex/Surrey/London area:  The weather system bringing the snow up from France is clashing into our cold air (it’s between minus 1 and minus 3C at the moment).  Therefore while the Easterly flow continues to bring us this cold air, the precipitation will continue to fall as snow.  The winds are light inland, but around from Thanet to Dover are 12-17mph NE’ly and it’s bitter!  The air is coming from parts of inner Russia where it’s -15C …so thank our lucky stars it’s ‘warmed up’ en route to us!

SNOW DURATION:  The snow will continue to fall for all of us in the south east for most of daylight hours. The south coast may notice the snow moving away through this afternoon as the system moves northwards, with the main system clearing the north Kent coast this evening.  What this really means is we all have many more hours of snow to come.  Even once the main system (ie constant snow) moves away we’ll be left with flurries on and off overnight tonight and into tomorrow.


All that blue stuff to the south east of us (over the channel and France) is on it’s way. I predict another 2-3 hours of snow for most of the south east. (3-4 hours for north and western parts of Kent, and also for Surrey and the London area)

SNOW AMOUNTS: 3-6cm will be about the average for London, Sussex and Surrey, but as there are embedded heavier and more prolonged spells within the system (impossible to pinpoint as they are uber small scale features) some places will have up to 10cm (though this would be more likely on the Downs or higher ground in general). 

Kent*: My feeling is that KENT will get the higher average totals of around 6-10cm:  perhaps Whitfield, Aylesham, Ash, Canterbury, Chartham, Faversham, Sturry and maybe even Whitstable and Herne Bay.  Tunbridge Wells, tonbridge, Maidstone, Sevenoaks and Meopham in the 6-8cm category.  Any towns or villages within a 5 mile radius of these places obviously also included.  If you’re on the North Downs you may even get up to 10-12cm, but that will be localised to the higher spots in Kent.  

Tonight:  Further snow flurries.

Monday: A SUNNY start for many – so with the snow on the ground it’ll be beautiful!  However, more snow flurries possible in the afternoon.  I say flurries – some of them could hang around for a while giving another 1-2cm…so it’s by no means over!

Tuesday:  Strengthening Southerly winds of 14-17mph and risk of a few more flurries too.

If you love it – well enjoy it, and if you don’t like it – well, snuggle up with a nice movie and food and enjoy the indoors!

Broadstairs pavilion

Anyone fancy a cuppa? Broadstairs Pavilion


So far: (as of 1:08pm) In no particular order (I sound like a gameshow host!)

Singleton, Ashford (Guy Buckland): 3cm

Wincheap, Canterbury (Alison Whelan): 4cm

Sellindge (Hels): 7cm

Snodland (Jamie Harwood): 4.8cm (very precise Jamie!)

Kettering, Northamptonshire (Ben Wesley): 5cm

Ashdown Forest (Kate Bradshaw): 2cm today (but 8cm in total from Friday also)

Saltdean, East Sussex (Mike): 7.5cm

Ramsgate (Joseph Crome) – 6.6cm

Sittingbourne (Jo Byrne) – 3.5cm

Preston, Nr Canterbury (Rachel Louise Beach): 5cm

Tunbridge wells (moi!): 6cm

Worthing (Bob Parkin): 2cm

100 Acre Wood (Clare Harper): 8cm

keep ’em coming folks!


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Comments on: "SNOW FORECAST" (3)

  1. David Trott. said:

    Hi Kaddy you certainly made my week end, on Friday when you were on the local weather forecast, It just goes to show they cannot do with out you, love lot’s.

  2. what a surprise to see you present the weather for us on friday. Pity it could not have been better weather but thats not your fault.Hope we see you again soon

  3. kelvin pinnock said:

    Just been outside, in Chatham 2″ of snow – still falling and has been since 8 am.

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