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Cirrus: Nicey Icy

Evan Ingram sent this in entitled ‘Funky Clouds’ – he’s right!



Cirrus clouds are the ultra high clouds formed of ice crystals (generally at 20,000ft – 35,000ft – similar to the cruising level for commercial jets) .  I love them!  The wind strength at that altitude can be 50-100mph and that’s why they’re blown across the sky, stretched out in long wispy lines.  Look out for sun dogs and halos when we have lots of cirrus in the sky…but that’s a subject for another day. What a tease…  😉


Please do keep snapping the sky everyone – thank you for all your contributions so far.  If you haven’t seen your pic up here yet that’s because I’ve been inundated with all your fantastic pictures…but I’ll be sorting through them and getting them up here asap x

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  1. Nice, I’ve bookmarked the page in Digg.com under “Cirrus: Nicey Icy Kaddy's Blog”. Cheers!

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