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A spot of fishing off Hampton Pier in Herne Bay – not a bad way to while away the hours I’m sure.  (Did you catch anything Chris?)  Notice how the yellows and oranges are concentrated in a thin, slightly smudged, band just above the horizon.  This narrow wedge of colour can be due to prolonged high pressure causing the air to sink over many days.   As it does so it traps pollution in a layer of the atmosphere close to the surface and as pressure continues to build this layer of dust, dirt and pollution can increase to the point of affecting our respiratory systems.  Not quite so pleasant…and one of the downsides of high pressure.  Once a cold front passes, or we get a north westerly breeze the air clears instantly.  Visibility improves dramatically and the crisp clean conditions can be a photographers dream.   So next time we have a high pressure breakdown please get out there with your cameras…as long as it’s not pouring with rain!

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