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Despite the rain hundreds of people turned up at Hambrook Marshes, near Canterbury, for the annual Haymaking Festival.  It was a terrific day and will help raise money to keep the area looking as beautiful as it does.

Mmm scrumdelicious...a very tasty Venison burger from the boys at Godmersham Game.  Thank you!

Mmm scrumdelicious…a very tasty Venison burger from the boys at Godmersham Game. Thank you!

And a spread of a different kind – a Foraging Feast courtesy of Caroline Hunt who collects all her base ingredients by hand out in the wild.  From top left going anticlockwise we have Dead nettle pakora, nettle samosa, fried mallow leaves (you can even pick out their distinct leaf shape), horehound toffee (in the wrappers), Jelly Ear fungus chocolate (just below the pink toothpick container.  It was really tasty, almost healthy!) and finally top right the rose petal baklava.  Seriously all immensely tasty as well as having that Ray Mears surviving in the wild edge!  Caroline was a font of foraging knowledge and she offers a bespoke foraging service and wild food cookery demonstration.  You can contact her on caz108@hotmail.com

Live music throughout and a tasty beer tent – (thanks Rory!) meant the rain was ignored and the enthusiasm bloomed.  House of fudge were there with delicious slabs of yumminess, Romney Marsh Wools selling soaps and lotions and cute little woolly slippers, as well as Jenni Rogers selling her beautiful handmade silver jewellery (I got some stunning dragonfly earrings – look out for me wearing them!) and I shall look forward to next years Festival with glee! (July 2013)

Ooops – caught in the act of pouring myself a pint!


And finally, for the very brave (or foolish) you could try Paul Babra’s Death Hot Sauce with your delicious Canterbury Curry Club chick peas, chicken and basmati rice!  The chickpeas were the best I have ever tasted…but there was no way I was going to go for the Death sauce after I saw what it did to one poor girl! (Face as white as a sheet with the words ‘What have you done to me Paul?’).  Fortunately he gave her a free curry to say sorry!  A brilliant fun day and thanks to everyone for all their hard work.


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