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Grand opening of new wing

Thanks to the lovely Ashridge Court Care Centre in Bexhill for the wonderful welcome I was given.  I was there to open the new Dementia wing – and everyone should be extremely proud of the new extension.  It truly is a homely and happy place.  There is even a snoezelen! (a sensory room with smells, sounds and lights to inspire and relax!)  To find out more about the opening and the centre click here




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  1. hi kaddy, have you made the group numbers for kili challenge or are you still looking for recruits (masochists!)?
    if the latter, are would-be participants expected to match a given profile (apart from obvious fitness)?

    • Hiya, we’re still looking for about 6 more entrants. Fundraising is an important part of it, but luckily the organisers are helping loads with this so it’s all going well. If you’re interested that would be fabulous! you can contact John Douglas to find out the ins and outs as he’s really good at answering any questions you might have. Go for it! kaddy x

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