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Thank you to everyone who got involved with Shack Attack in Tunbridge Wells last weekend.  It was a storming success (weather pun intended!  The storm clouds stayed away and we had beautiful weather throughout) and everyone had a jolly good time making their shelters in the sunshine and then testing them out overnight in the park.

If I hand him a tool it’ll look like I know what I’m doing…


Teams of brave volunteers set about making their shelters for the charity Habitat for Humanity.   By raising money for the charity and by taking part they were helping raise awareness of the millions of people who currently live in inadequate housing.

Although everyone was having fun there was a serious message from Shack Attack too


Habitat for Humanity have already helped 2.5 million people around the world to live in safe, secure and hygienic housing and with the money raised from events like Shack Attack they can continue to train, educate and provide the necessary tools for more people stuck in the poverty housing trap.


Everyone raised a minimum of £400 for each shack

Although people were only allowed to use recycled materials brought from their gardens, sheds or local tip everyone managed to create wonderful masterpieces – with a prize being given to the most weatherproof, chosen by me.  (I was going to test it with a bucket of water but the organisers said that was a little mean…pah!)


The winners of the most weatherproof shelter – Congratulations!

Everyone slept in their shelters overnight to experience just a portion of what some people around the world have to cope with every day, every night.


I’m not staying here if one of you snores…

Thank you to Habitat for Humanity for putting on such a fun event and if you’d like to join in next year please go to their website for all the details on how to get involved.

Helping to build various shelters in Calverley Grounds


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