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Fashion Show Pictures

Here are a few shots from the Fashion Show I did at Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre a few weeks ago.

Plenty of words of encouragement for all our wonderful volunteer models


I wasn’t modelling, but instead was presenting on stage, introducing all the models, explaining the outfits and talking about the current autumnal trends that are in our high street.


Models were all volunteers and got to keep their clothes


The models worked (walked!) tirelessly and performed fantastically well, strutting and posing on the catwalk for 6 hours! Hats off to them all! They were all volunteers from the shopping centre, or the local area and it was brilliant fun! Thank you to everyone involved, and to Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre for putting on such a fun event.


We ran through the entire fashion show on the hour every hour, 6 times throughout the day. Exhausting but brilliant fun! By the end of it you couldn’t get the models off the catwalk!

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