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Don’t look down!

Crikey mallinkey, talk about jelly legs!  On Saturday 19th May I took part in the St Michael’s Hospice abseil from Ocean House in St Leonards, East Sussex.  Now, I was partly suckered into this tomfoolery because I knew the views from the 128ft high building would be beautiful and I also knew that after 8 weeks of low pressure we’d be due a bit of the High P stuff and that it was likely to be a gloriously sunny day with light winds. (Two years ago the abseil had to be abandoned due to ‘people being blown around the side of the building’.  Mmm…pleasant).  Anyhoodle when I got there I remembered my fear of heights, my dislike of abseiling (last attempted at the age of 13) and my aversion to dental floss width ropes called ‘safety ropes’.


Dave (above) (on the left you cheeky lot) from the abseil team at Wild Track was immensely calming and tried to take my mind off what I was about to do.  “Think about a nice big glass of wine at the end” seemed to be the most useful incentive at the time…

I realised that I was so petrified I couldn’t face looking at the views and just wanted to get the darn thing over with.  Good team spirit!


Five….Four…Three…Two…One – GO!


Scrambling ungracefully down 128ft of brick wall was as scary as it looks but I’m ever so glad I did it and I am so grateful to everyone who came to support and cheered me on!  Over 40 people took part and hopefully over £5000 has been raised.  Well done all!

If you’d like to donate to say well done to all us brave souls please click here!  St Michael’s Hospice are an excellent charity and every penny will go a long way.  Thank you x x  Thanks also to Tony Coombes Photography for allowing me to use his brilliant pics from the day!

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    Yipes! You’re crazy. but what’s new!

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