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If this looks look like something you’d see overseas, you’re absolutely right.   Norman and Tricia Sells from Minster on Sea sent this pic in from their son who’s chief geologist at the Cuango Diamond Mine in Angola.  And so as not to leave us ladies hanging, he also included a scaled picture of some of the whoppers that he’s extracted…I’m first in the queue!

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Comments on: "Diamonds & lightning bolts" (2)

  1. Robert Starkey said:

    Diamonds are created by super intense high pressure on carbon, which the only thing on Earth which can shape diamonds is H2O(water or Agua), funny enough most manufactured Diamonds are made from the good old peanut, amazing experiment 🙂 Any how storms usually occur after a nice bit of sun, 4 days of sunshine 1 day of storms I think the saying is, any how sunshine is high pressure so guessing lighting only occurs in high pressure as well, properly an atomic answer, perhaps it’s the carbon within the lighting reacting to the pressure which gives off light ……… Why did I choose accountancy when when I was a kid I like building Rockets for fun lol

    • Kaddy x said:

      The saying is that British weather is ‘Two fine days and then a thunderstorm’ – attributed to King George II.

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