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(Forecast update below as of 8.56am Sunday)

Tonbridge has been host to some big events recently – The Olympic torch swung by Tonbridge in July thanks to Dame Kelly Holmes and now we’re looking forward to another sporting event this weekend.

Even I managed to grab hold of the torch, and forecast some sunshine!

Sunday 23rd September sees Dame Kelly Holmes returning to hand out medals to all the runners taking part in the Tonbridge Half Marathon.  The run is set to start at 10am from K College and I shall be there cheering on the runners, and keeping us all up to date with the weather.

Dame Kelly Holmes brought the Olympic torch to Tonbridge in July

But what of the all important weather forecast?

Update (as of today 8.56am Sunday).   This pesky weather continues to cause forecasters around the world to scratch our heads.  The problem is that with all these hurricanes and Tropical Storm Nadine stirring up in the Atlantic our forecasting ability is limited.  Ex-hurricane Nadine reached her peak last week at 80mph winds, but even as a decaying system she is still giving birth to some ferocious little low pressure systems that are heading our way this weekend/next week.

This intense low will be with us for the whole of Sunday…

In summary:

Sunday morning = Cloudy and dry early morning, SE’ly 10mph, with patchy rain from about 8/9am along the south coast, but spreading northwards to all parts of the SE by 11am. Rain getting heavier and wind getting stronger…Wind speeds 15mph by midday (gusting 25mph), with rain pounding down upon us.  And therefore if you’re running in the Tonbridge Half that means wet and windswept runners, soggy spectators, and Dame Kelly Holmes and I not managing to keep our coiffured hair coiffured!  Worse is yet to come…(for our hair, especially)


Forecast rainfall for 11am Sunday morning. The heavier rain will spread in from 11am and continue for much of the day, accompanied by 15-25mph winds, gusts 35mph


Sunday afternoon = Wet and windy all afternoon. 15-20mph winds with gusts up to 35mph, (the strongest winds will now be tomorrow afternoon – Monday – at about 20-25mph with gusts 45mph). Around 20-30mm of rain (around an inch on average) for most of us meaning that many of us will have 2 weeks worth of rain in just 12 hours. HOWEVER some places, especially east Kent could see as much as 40mm falling as embedded heavy, even thundery, showers arrive in the evening. Localised flooding is extremely likely.

I shall be updating this weather forecast again before tomorrow, Sunday – so please keep an eye on this page to get the latest news!

Huge crowds gathered as Dame Kelly lit the torch and then paraded around Tonbridge Castle

We very much look forward to seeing you there!

Ps. The low pressures will be with us most of the week – here’s Tuesday! (excuse the fluffy mic on the desk!)

More wet and windy weather to come later this week…Welcome Autumn, goodbye summer!

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