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Please use this form to send me your pictures. Gentle ‘housekeeping’ reminder needed here: by sending it you agree it is yours and that you give me permission to publish it (now or later).. Thanks! Kaddy x

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PS I don’t want to publish something that would get me (or you) into trouble for breach of copyright, so just in case, this site does record details like your IP address and other technical bits and bobs!

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Comments on: "Contribute!" (7)

  1. chris twyman said:

    great blog looking forward to keeping up with it

  2. Hi Kaddy.

    Please feel free to browse through my ongoing photography blog. There’s quite a fair amount of photos in there so you may need to make yourself a cut of tea before looking into it.

    All the best, and keep up the good work. Ian D J

  3. Love the blog! I’ll be hanging on in there!

  4. Harry Owen said:

    Hi Kaddy,
    Your leaving the BBC is their loss and our gain, with your greater scope to do outrageous things (clothes and hair wise) and new adventures. Might “Kaddylac” be a suiitable name for your new wheels? I dare say that this has already been mooted many times.
    Harry O

  5. David Trott. said:

    Dear Kaddy I would love to send you some photo’s but I am a bit of a Muppet when comes to this technical, lark on the laptop.

    • Kaddy Lee-Preston said:

      Could you see if anyone can help you? It’d be lovely to see your pics!

  6. Hi Kaddy, great to see you on south east friday.H

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