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Northern Lights expedition – Final BBC Radio report

Just back from my 6 day adventure into the Arctic.  It was cold, it was exciting and it was beautiful AND more importantly I saw what I was in search of – The Northern Lights!  Listen below to find out what it was like, how difficult they can be to see, why they form and also why other people from the south east were also hunting the lights.  Plus…there’s every chance that with the peak of solar activity around about now that we could even get the chance of seeing a hint of the lights back here in Kent or Sussex.  Fingers crossed, and I’ll let you know!


Recording my BBC Radio report aboard the Hurtigruten ship


The Northern Lights – a welcome sight after a long cold wait!


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Northern Lights expedition – BBC Radio report 2

Here is the second report from the Hurtigruten ship as we powered into the Arctic Circle…with a Northern light treat in the evening!


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