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Kaddy-Lee-Preston-BBCI’m a freelance television presenter and meteorologist. Welcome to my blog!  After presenting weather and current affairs for the BBC for 12 years I took the plunge and became a freelance presenter in 2012 – and it’s been the best decision I could ever have made!  I have taken on various TV presenting roles, newspaper articles, charity fundraising, public appearances, BBC radio, corporate videos, travel writing…the list is endless!    2013 saw me climbing Kilimanjaro for charity, storm chasing across the US, writing for the Metro publication and also writing regularly for Index magazine.  2014 started with me being a weather expert for a two part documentary on our stormy weather for Channel 4 – the first programme of which was the most watched programme on Channel 4 that day! I also did a series of BBC radio reports from a working ship deep in the Arctic searching for the Northern Lights – which was a stunning experience.


‘The Storms That Stole Christmas’ – Channel 4

I love the flexibility and freedom that being a freelancer now provides.   You’ll still see me occasionally presenting weather for BBC South East and BBC London so please keep sending in your weather pics and comments!

If you want to stay in touch, please remember to follow me on twitter – @KaddyLP   I’m also on Facebook where you’ll receive regular forecasts, facts and updates to keep you in the know about the weather, but make sure you click ‘like’ on my fan page as that’s the only one I will be updating from now on.


To tell you a bit about myself I’ll answer some of the questions I get asked most often:

Am I actually a forecaster? – Yes, and also a fully trained meteorologist as well – which means I studied Meteorology at Reading University for 3 years before joining the Met Office to train for a further 2 years to learn how to use the science to predict the weather.  It’s an exciting and rapidly changing field to work in and I have never once regretted going into it.

Did you always want to be a weather girl? – No!  I was always rather shy when it came to performing or presenting at school so joining the BBC was as much a surprise to me as it was to those close to me!  (although my family maintain I always was a bit of a show off when the camera came out on holiday…)  I started off forecasting for the Ministry of Defence, forecasting for war zones for Harrier planes.  But whilst at RAF Cottesmore (RIP my beloved station!  MOD cutbacks…) the BBC called me up out of the blue and asked me to come for a screen test.  Within 6 months I was based in Tunbridge Wells getting ready for my first live TV broadcast on 3rd September 2001 with South East Today.


Do you choose your own clothes and make up? Yes – When I was a BBC employee we didn’t have a clothes budget or allowance and as long as we were smart we are given quite a lot of freedom.  (Although I think many of my previous bosses would’ve taken great pleasure in getting the scissors and straighteners clamped on my hair.  Never, I tell you!)  And make up is all done ourselves, usually in a rush before a mad dash to get into the studio on time.  Working in a live news environment is fast-paced and exciting – there’s never enough time!

What are your plans for the future? Science and weather are what I love most and I get great pleasure in sharing my enthusiasm for my subjects.    Finding new ways to explain the weather and enabling people to understand the power of the sky gives me a fantastic buzz.  I would love to share this passion on a national platform so my ambition is to one day be presenting a live science/weather show on national television, encouraging everyone to love science as much as I do.


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Comments on: "About Kaddy" (14)

  1. Charlie said:

    Hi! Kaddy,
    Great to see you on Twitter and this site, keep up the great work!!!


  2. Hi Kaddy,

    Good to see you on Twitter. I always enjoy your TV shows. This looks like an interesting blog too.

    Glen (@wavecrestglen)

  3. Hi Kaddy
    Congrats on finally making it to Twitter!

  4. Love your future far out predictions.
    By the way your far better looking than the great Mr Fish , oh
    and Ron Lobeck.

  5. Hi Kaddy, how is Hortense the Hyundai? I’ll watch here and twitter for your latest escapades.

  6. Stephen Carr said:

    Great to know what you’re up to.

  7. David Trott. said:

    Hi Kaddy, I was so sorry when I just caught your last weather forecast , I did wonder what was happening, when you stopped presenting in side out your style and look was all way’s so fresh, and for an eighty year old, admirer, like the recent weather and television will never be the same.

  8. Jeremy Davies said:

    Isn`t it just typical! The BBC don`t know a good thing when it`s right in front of them, their loss Kaddy`s gain, good on ya Kaddy

  9. Paul Scott said:

    Good luck with all your future endeavours, and hope we still see plenty of you on the TV

  10. joan constantinou said:

    Just to let you know how sorely missed you are on South East weather. No-one since comes anywhere near you for wit, charm and professionalism. Hope to see you with your own programme soon.

  11. Hi Kaddy, S E TODAY is not the same anymore without your witty forecasts.
    Hope to see you on telly soon.

  12. Hi Kaddy
    Great to see you are still active.
    BBC south east just isn’t the same without you.
    Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks Steve - I hope to be back on BBC SE more so you should see me again soon! If you would like to sponsor me for my kilimanjaro climb I would be thrilled to bits - and if you leave me your address I will even send you a peronalised letter and signed piccy to say thank you! You will find a Kili link at the top right of every page of this website...

      Thanks again!

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