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Many of you have been noticing some great sunsets recently – and part of the reason is the atmospheric pressure and subsequent trapped pollution, combined with the partly cloudy skies we’ve had throughout June.  Quite often we can mistakenly think that a perfect clear day will give us a stunning evening…but actually you need a bit of grit n’ grime (pollution) and cloud in the sky to create the vivid reds, oranges and purples that look straight out of a Turner painting.  (Incidentally JMW Turner wasn’t necessarily over zealous with his rainbow coloured paint pad – he was painting in the early to mid 1800’s when there were many active volcanoes erupting around the world.  The ash and dust particles trapped in the atmosphere bent the sun’s rays more than normal creating spectacular sunsets for decades.)

Thanks to David Burr for another great picture!

Nicky Vines caught this magical sight on Thursday 30th June.

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Comments on: "Sunsets fit for an artist" (3)

  1. Kaddy,

    As a descendant of JMW Turner i can assure you that he wasn’t painting in the mid 1850’s – he died in 1851!

    You are right about the colours of his sunsets, they capture a unique time in British ( weather) history.

    • Kaddy x said:

      Hi Ian,

      You’re absolutely right and I meant to write early to mid 1800’s – so thank you for pointing it out, it’s been corrected!

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